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Rodeo Reunion in Williams

May 6th, 2014 by Del & Sheryl Terry

Stay with us @ Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast & enjoy the 2014 Cowpunchers Rodeo Reunion (real working cowboys & cowgirls) for four days – June 19th thru June 22nd

The rodeo grounds are located just south of downtown Williams, Arizona on Rodeo Rd. The first left off the first Williams exit will take you straight to his year’s events. The Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast is located less than a mile from the rodeo grounds.

Hosted by the Cowpunchers Reunion Association; this is where the working cowboys and cowgirls of all ages get together to put on a rodeo reunion for themselves!  All events are unique and based on everyday activities and chores performed on horse and cattle ranches. An action packed event that is great fun to watch.


And return for the 3 days of the 2014 Labor Day PRCA Rodeo – August 30th thru September 1st.  These athletes get paid to do this!

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Assembled in the 1970s, a group of working cowboys from across Arizona planned a rodeo event reminiscent of those they once participated in during the 1920s and 1940s. The first Reunion Rodeo took place in Flagstaff in 1978 and included mustang roping, big loop contest, and tie down team roping. The purpose behind the reunion was to celebrate the working cowboy with his family and fellow workers involved in the ranching  industry. Though elected board members rotate and slight rule changes have occurred over the years, the rodeo reunion has maintained its wild action and true working cowboy nature of fun and skill. Original reunions took place at Avery’s until its burning in late 1980 when it was moved to Williams then shuffled to Flagstaff before returning home.

Information for registration and events can be found in April’s newletter at on the Cowpuncher’s website. Come and enjoy the heart pumping action and skill of those who live to rope and ride!

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