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Fresh Pumpkins for Dried Gourds

November 13th, 2013 by Del & Sheryl Terry

The best Autumn decorations start with pumpkins for dried gourds.

knuckle pumpkins used for entry way decoration; pumpkins for dried gourdsThe ease of using fresh specialty pumpkins for dried gourds. Knuckle pumpkins are just one of the types I enjoy using for thie purpose, but I can also suggest other varieties including Moonshine, Speckled Hounds, Hooligans, and Bliss Pumpkins. If you are interested in other unique varieties you can visit

Simply create your own gourds by sitting the pumpkins in a dry place on wax paper and let them dry naturally until they are golden, light weight and hollow.  This process may take all winter or more to complete.  Do not place on top of a refrigerator because the rising heat will mildew them before they dry.  Scrub the outside of each one clean and spray with polyurethane. Once made the new gourds are very long lasting and beautiful. They bring variety and creativity to once simple decorations.




Using fresh squash, these small gourds are dried in the same way .
I’ve mixed pumpkins, squash, & large plus small gourds in two locations as decorations in my Bed & Breakfast this year.

After the season, I’ll dry the fresh pumpkins & squash for future years. Taking advantage of the many different sized pumpkins available allows them to be used in large and small decorating areas which will brighten every room. They store very easily and have the added benefit of being very light. These wonderful gourds fit into all styles of Autumnal decorating and bring the rich colors that are the toast of the season.

displaying dried knuckle pumpkins; pumpkins for dried gourds


knuckly pumpkins dried for display; pumpkins for dried gourds
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