Grand Canyon Railway Special Events

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Pulled by one of two historic steam engines fueled by waste vegetable oil. From March to October, The 1st Saturdays of 2017 on the 9:30 am departure will provide passengers with the rare opportunity to ride the train to the Grand Canyon with a fully operational Steam Locomotive

Additional days include April 22 when we hope you will join us in an Earth Day celebration. On September 16 the Railway celebrates its 116th Anniversary.


When your making your reservation with the methods below, please reference #6354608.

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Scan 1Experience Magic on The Polar Express

The Grand Canyon Railway prepares for its 17th season hosting the Polar Express to visit Santa Claus. Visitors can board the rails from November to December and experience the magic of the Christmas Season, but seats sell very early and quickly. Make your reservations now and rest comfortably at the Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast in rooms designed to make you feel enchanted and well rested.

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Make your reservations by visiting:

or by calling 1-888-848-3511



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