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Arizona Autumn

November 12th, 2014 by Del & Sheryl Terry

Arizona Autumn colors showing in the courtyard of the Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast

Arizona Autumn colors showing in the rearyard of the Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast

Arizona Autumn colors draping the yard of the Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast

Arizona Autumn colors shining in the trees of the Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast

Arizona Autumn colors showing in the trees of the Grand Canyon Bed and BreakfastAn Arizona autumn can be breathtaking in the north and the Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast features many beautiful plants and trees showing their beauty of the coming season and preparing for a classic winter. The grounds of the Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast are designed for simplicity and improve the landscape while using minimum water. With the backdrop of Bill Williams Mountain and the curtain of clouds bringing rain or snow the weather is ideal for expression and art. Arizona autumns are mild and comfortable before the winter crawls in and provides a whole other world of skiing, and cozy fireplaces.

Antique Halloween

November 3rd, 2014 by Del & Sheryl Terry

Antique clock with shelf decorated with dried gourds for fall and antique halloween

Antique frame and chalk board with gourds decorated for an antique halloween

This Autumn the Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast is decorating an Antique Halloween. The mantles are dripping with gourds and leaves dried and preserved for their spectacular beauty. The gourds come from last year’s project and the instructions for making them are found HERE. The black board was made using masonite and black board paint cut to fit the antique frame. hung with ribbon. Once the paint is dry the board must be “seasoned” with the side of a piece of chalk. Follow Sheryl on Pinterest for more of her decorating ideas.

Antique frame and chalk board with gourds decorated for an antique halloween

Valentine’s Day Vignette

February 6th, 2014 by Del & Sheryl Terry

Individual Pieces used for Valentine’s Day decorations.

Valentine's Day Vignette over Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast mantle

In 1961, my husband’s grandmother gave him an  embossed cuff and collar box that had belonged to her youngest brother (his great uncle) in the late 1800s.  We have put this in various places of honor in our homes for many years. Wedgewood heart for Valentine's Day decorationsAntique cuff and collar box for Valentine's Day


Traveling in London, England in 1996, the two of us visited a Wedgewood Blue pottery store adjacent to Hyde Park and purchased a piece of pottery.


The vintage linen handkerchief (on the right) is one I have had for many years.  It was a gift from either my mother, my mother-in-law, or one of my best friends. I was able to carefully cut two slots  Valentine's Day decorations with vintage linens

The rectangular doily placemat (left) was machine crocheted in the early 1900s and belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  It was passed on to her daughter in 1952, and passed on to my husband in the 1996.  antique gloves for Valentine's Day vignette


My husband and I spent a ‘date day’ shopping  at various thrift stores in Flagstaff, AZ.  During that outing, we purchased the Art Deco 1920s Valentine’s Day cherry picture frame, a beaded clutch pur

se, and a pair of 1950s cotton gloves.Vintage Valentine's Day postcard with 1913 Pennsylvania postmarkVintage Valentine's Day art


In brainstorming for this Valentine’s Day vignette I spent time browsing eBay,  From Seller x1x2x3x4x5, I purchased: the postcard with a 13 Feb 1913 Pennsylvania postmark; the 110 year old  pink paper lace heart; the 101 year old gold embossed arrow.  My thanks to this vendor.  My husband gave me the ruby ring and necklace Antique and vintage items assembled for Valentine's Day vignette

as Valentine’s Day presents two successive years.


I found a piece of pink poster board that I’d stored under my bed that I cut down and it became the perfect backing for the frame. I was able to carefully cut two slots in the lace heart and then inserted the arrow.  Then I adhered the two pieces to the poster board, and put it in the frame.   Lastly I used some leftover pre-cut letters.

Cranberry glass used for decorating for Valentine's Day


I have saved Valentine’s Day, anniversary, and birthday roses that my husband has given to me over the years and dried them by hanging them by their stems  in the warm laundry room of our home.  They are displayed in various vases throughout our home and in two of our Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast guest rooms.


As a result of being given a rectangular  knobbed ‘Cranberry Glass’ bowl (right side) as a ‘house warming’ gift (for our first bed and breakfast), I started collecting different styles of the beautiful glass.  A few of the pieces in my collection are vases, and for this vignette I have brought two of them together from other displays in our home.Cranberry Glass used to complete Valentine's Day vignette


Fresh Pine Branch Christmas Decorations

December 19th, 2013 by Del & Sheryl Terry

Using pine branch Christmas decorations;

I love the look of natural decorations.


Each year we trim our trees in the fall. I use the fresh pine branches to decorate my B&B for Christmas. I love the look of natural decorations, They bring in the scent of pine in a way bottled scents could never capture. Using natural materials looks beautiful, uncluttered, and clean. Bringing a little extra life to materials that would have been mulched much sooner. I prefer to use them as much as I can before they become useful in other ways. Pine trees take on a life of their own if they are not regularly tended and trimmed. This tree is looking a little wild and requires attention to reduce dead needles and give the tree added strength for next years growth.

bed and breakfast pine tree needing trim; pine branch christmas decorations

After the branches have been cut and before use you must remove all dead needles. Let the  branches sit in a bucket of water to soak for awhile.

fresh clipped pine boughs to be used for natural Christmas decorations at the bed and breakfast; pine branch christmas decorations

trimmed pine tree at bed and breakfast; pine branch christmas decorations
After carefully trimming our trees and removing dead spots and disease our trees are ready for a safe and refreshing winter. This care will give them rest and prepare them for next years growth.
Placing them on your mantle shelf or other focal shelving is the traditional use for cut branches. This placement can bring extra character to crafted trees, villages, or nativities. They also make beautiful wreaths or garlands when shaped the same day they were cut and soaked.  When deciding where to place your pine cuttings you must choose stationary settings and surfaces that will not be disturbed throughout the month. Moving them will loosen needles and dry the branches faster since they are not being fed a continuous water supply. I
f you don’t touch them they will last for weeks! The pine branch Christmas decorations help to create the atmosphere of the season without being overwhelming for my guests.
decorated bed and breakfast for Christmas with pine boughs; pine branch christmas decorationsdecorating for Christmas with fresh trimmed pine branches; pine branch christmas decorations
fireplace Christmas decorations with fresh pine branches; pine branch christmas decorationsIf you are interested in following my other decorating ideas you may follow me on Pinterest at

Fresh Pumpkins for Dried Gourds

November 13th, 2013 by Del & Sheryl Terry

The best Autumn decorations start with pumpkins for dried gourds.

knuckle pumpkins used for entry way decoration; pumpkins for dried gourdsThe ease of using fresh specialty pumpkins for dried gourds. Knuckle pumpkins are just one of the types I enjoy using for thie purpose, but I can also suggest other varieties including Moonshine, Speckled Hounds, Hooligans, and Bliss Pumpkins. If you are interested in other unique varieties you can visit

Simply create your own gourds by sitting the pumpkins in a dry place on wax paper and let them dry naturally until they are golden, light weight and hollow.  This process may take all winter or more to complete.  Do not place on top of a refrigerator because the rising heat will mildew them before they dry.  Scrub the outside of each one clean and spray with polyurethane. Once made the new gourds are very long lasting and beautiful. They bring variety and creativity to once simple decorations.




Using fresh squash, these small gourds are dried in the same way .
I’ve mixed pumpkins, squash, & large plus small gourds in two locations as decorations in my Bed & Breakfast this year.

After the season, I’ll dry the fresh pumpkins & squash for future years. Taking advantage of the many different sized pumpkins available allows them to be used in large and small decorating areas which will brighten every room. They store very easily and have the added benefit of being very light. These wonderful gourds fit into all styles of Autumnal decorating and bring the rich colors that are the toast of the season.

displaying dried knuckle pumpkins; pumpkins for dried gourds


knuckly pumpkins dried for display; pumpkins for dried gourds
 For more of my decorating ideas and styles please follow me on Pinterest at You can enjoy my current successful projects and those I wish to attempt in the future. Also find recipes for the season that have been enjoyed by many visitors from around the world.

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