Arizona Weddings

Arizona Weddings in the mountains

There are many wonderful sites that provide a natural backdrop for weddings of all styles; formal and informal, extreme and traditional.

guest sitting room wedding



Del Terry is an ordained minister providing legally binding marriages. On the premises of the Bed and Breakfast there are some elegant backdrops for intimate wedding parties. The enclosed courtyard in spring, summer, and early fall provides beautiful weather and seclusion for small, outdoor weddings. Indoor weddings can be held in the main guest sitting room for a more cozy ceremony. A candlelit venue can be arranged.



For weddings in other settings, or themed weddings, Del is available to officiate. More information can be found on our blog; including pricing, licenses, permits, and reservation availability. Information concerning where to obtain an Arizona marriage license is available on our blog.

medicine wheel wedding at the grand canyon

Medicine Wheel is a popular and breath taking view for the traditional or themed wedding. Located in an arm of Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona it is one of the strongest vortexes. This beautiful location requires a forest service pass, from which information can be obtained by The Grand Canyon Bed and Breakfast.

shoshone wedding






Shoshone point, located at the south rim of the Grand Canyon,  requires a special permit before weddings can be reserved, of which, information is available on our blog.





Please check our Availability to make a reservation. If you have any questions please contact Del and Sheryl Terry at 928-814-0657, or email

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